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Lighting Workshop used Softy Lite held at Calumet


Softy Lite at the London Spanish Film Festival


Rubber Rocket Animation Studios reviews Softy Lite


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Rubber Rocket Animation Studios reviews Softy Lite

"Great lighting option for those on a budget.

softy lite

We tested the lights on two commercial stopmotion shoots, one on a multiplane rostrum and the other on a traditional 3D set.  Our DoP also shoots live-action so could imagine how they might work in these environments, however we did not test for this.

We found it very useful to be able to adapt the light easily from soft to focused using the egg crate.  Easy to do, nice solid connections.

The 4 light settings also worked very well to give controllable light quickly.  Buttons were easy to operate and quick to find in the dark!

The size and weight are ideal for carrying around and wedging in small spaces.  Particularly liked how thin the light is once the egg crate is removed.  Also very pleased that the back of the lamp is flat, rather than cluttered up with sockets and random junk.  Much less likely to get damaged and very easy to stack and transport.

12v makes the lamp perfect for car / boat shoots.  Perhaps you could sell a car adapter as one of your ‘extras’?

We personally found the lamp a little too blue, however we’re a stopmotion studio and we primarily use tungsten.  We think for outside / daylight they would be perfect.  Using gels to change the colour does cut the light output quite a bit.  Maybe you could bring out a tungsten option when you expand the range?

We were impressed with the quality and would definitely recommend Softylite to anyone needing a versatile, lightweight, low-cost solution.

Tungsten version
12v car adapter
Filter slot
Different mounting options, ie suction cup for car shoots, a Velcro attachment etc..."

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