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Lighting Workshop used Softy Lite held at Calumet


Softy Lite at the London Spanish Film Festival


Rubber Rocket Animation Studios reviews Softy Lite


Softy Lite coming off the factory conveyor belt


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POPklik uses Softy Lite to document the 9th London Spanish Film Festival

Creative visual communications collective POPklik has been using Softy Lite for the video documentation and interviews of this year’s London Spanish Film Festival.

The festival introduces recent Spanish films to British audiences, and brings renewed and emergent Spanish directors, actors and producers to present their movies. This year Javier Camara, Jordi Molla and Javier Bardem where amongst the guests.

POPklik collective choose Softy Lite as the perfect and easy-to-use lighting for the video interviews… and more!

Interview with actor Javier Camara

Javier Camara is renewed for his work in Almodovar's films; this year he was introducing movies from Cesc Gay and Isabel Coixet...


london spanish fil festival

Presetting the interview with Spanish filmaker and actress of 'An Extraordinary Tale' movie.

spanish film soft light professional affordable

In conversation with Felix Cabez, the director of 'The Labèque Way'.

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