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Complex lighting is made up of simple lighting set ups built around the action of the film.

In this example we see the actor move from the background to the foreground, from a wide shot to a close up.

So there is two lighting set ups, one for the actor in the background the second in the foreground.

There could also be a third covering the walk, lighting is built around the action, so if some drama happened during the walk from background to foreground there would some light to see it.

The four types of light, background, back light, key and fill are used, all or in part.

In the background there is a background light lighting the wall behind the actor, a key light coming from the ceiling. There is a little back light but maybe not strong enough. There is no special fill light.

The actor walks through a space with no light, silhouetted by the light on the wall, a dark figure against a lit wall, until the actor walks into the near lighting set up of Key and Fill.

softy lite complex lighting

complex lighting softy lite
Backlight only lighting the wall behind the actor

complex lighting softy lite
Add Key light for the actor

complex lighting softy lite
The actor walks from the 1st lighting set up to the 2nd

complex lighting softy lite
Fill light for the foreground action

complex lighting softy lite
Key plus Fill foreground

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