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Basic Key to Lighting

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BASIC LIGHTING: Key to Lighting

Two shots with the same exposure but with different looks.

Starting with the shot from basic lighting we can see that it is possible to change the look of shot without changing the exposure.

The key factor about lighting is the areas that are lit and the areas in shadow.

In these shots there are the four lights illuminating the scene. The background light is changed from a flood position with light spreading over the whole background wall by fitting a snoot and egg crate to light just a small area of the wall.

The backlight is left alone as it only lights a small area anyway the fill too.

The Key as also changed from flood to spot by the addition of snoot and egg crate.

The stop does not change, the exposure is the same. The areas of correct exposure have become smaller. The fill light is the same and the lighting contrast too.

The lighting contrast is the relationship as the Key and fill to the fill alone.

In these two shots the lights are in the same position but these is just to make the point that it is not the key factor. Of course the lights can be positioned where needed or desired. The areas that are illuminated are also down to the DOP, that is the art of lighting.

In controlled circumstances like a film studio a whole film could be shot at one exposure, the whole range of lighting DAY NIGHT EVENING can all be achieved just be changing the areas.

Diagrams & images:

basic lighting softy lite
Here is the position of the lamps from the first set up.
The Lights give abroad beam of light.

basic lighting softy lite
Fitting snoots and egg crates to the lights narrows the beams
of light and makes the areas lit by the lights smaller.

basic lighting softy lite
The first light set up where the lights give a broad light,
the whole scene is illuminated.

basic lighting softy lite
Snoot and egg crate being fitted to softy lite

basic lighting softy lite
A different darker look but the same exposure and even the same lamp position.

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