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Basic Key to Lighting

Complex Lighting

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Even the most complex lighting is made up of simple sets of lights lighting the subject in a certain way.

Background Light

background light softy lite

The scene behind the actors is lite with background lights, it is always a good idea if you have a say in the matter to keep your actors away from the background. Of course if the story demands that the action happens next to a wall, so be it but it will make lighting easier if there is space between your subject and the background. The background is lit in the style of the rest of the lighting.

Back Light & Kickers

background light softy lite

Another advantage of having some distance betweent the set and the actors is it makes the placing of back lights easier. This light, quite often a lot stronger than the key, gives a bright edge to the subject, separating the subject from the background.

Have some flags standing by as this light can easily shine into the camera lens.

Fill Light

fill light softy lite

This light as its name tells us fills in the shadows created by the Key Light. It controls the contrast of the scene. This light should be invisible to the audience so it is placed naxt to the camera and normally high so that any shadow that is produced is thrown onto the floor.

Key Light

key light softy lite

This is the light which tells the story, when the script says DAY, it is a key light that comes through the window, if the script says EVENING it is the Key light coming from the table lamp.

The Key light has direction and gives structure and texture to the scene and actors. It draws the actors face.

Lighting Contrast and exposure

The exposure is determined by mostly the sum of the Key and the fill lights. The lighting contrast is the racio of the KEY plus the Fill light to the Fill alone.

These basic lighting concepts are used together or on their own to build complex or very simple lighting designs.

It could be just a totally unlit figure moving against a lit background. Low key scenes use a combination of background lights, a little fill and sporadic keys.

basic lighting softy lite

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