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Lighting with Softy Lite

lighting with softy light

The idea behind making Softy Lite was to design and build a light that would be ideal for lighting drama for the new generation of digital cameras. To make an affordable set of lights to use with the new affordable cameras such as the Canon 5D , Sony EX1 , Red camera and even the more expensive Alexia.

LEDs lights have a lot of advantages, their low power use, the lack of heat generated, and have a daylight colour balance.They are very small lights that are used in banks of lights this means its easy to make them into soft lights rather than fennel lights which produce a hard focused light.

In designing a soft loft it was key that the light was totally controllable, with light only coming out of the front of the lamp with no spill. Plus the adding of snoot and egg crate to give the DOP the ability to narrow the beam of the soft light and directed it to exactly where desired.

On this pages we give a guide to a few simple lighting problems. In these pages we only use Softy Lites, but of course lighting is done with many types of lights. Softy light is not designed for all lighting situations but will fill an important gap.

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